Scottish Football Academy

Reason for the Establishment of SFA

About Us

The Scottish Soccer Academy (SFA) is established in 2022  to address some of the issues mentioned in the introduction. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of football in Liberia to benefit the country and its players. We hope to achieve this by developing a competitive youth football program whose goals are to attain state, regional, and national championship titles. Such programs will include, aside from player development,  academic education opportunities through which scholarships will be awarded to deserving talents.

The SFA aspires to be dedicated to player development and output, which ranges from correct coaching, positive development, and the attainment of unexceptional talents. We endeavor to enhance players’ integrity and the principle of fair play. By the time they are developed, they will have learned cooperation, fairness, and character lessons. Moreover, parents stand to benefit in that kids going through this program will be well disciplined.

Key to our program is player exposure. This is not only experience gained on the field by playing a series of international matches with a huge crowd but exposure to pursuing information such as accessing club profiles and requirements for possible inclusion. It will help to maximize the opportunities for positive advancement if players follow  SFA and ensure access to national information will follow club information as well as national and international football and United football Coaches.

Mission and Vision Statement

To develop football for the motherland by producing highly talented and discipline soccer players burgeoned through a professional soccer learning environment where players can strive to fulfill their full potential.

SFA envisioned to be a recognizable soccer institution championing youth development through the pursuit of international best practices.

Why Are We Unique?

  1. Do you want your child to play for a club with professionally accredited coaches equipped with national and international football Standards and information for complete player development. ?
  2. Do you desire to see a club hitch a club that provides pre-season camps, skills coaching, and a mess of specialized coaching sessions to all or any of its players at no further cost?
  3. Or to hitch a club that promotes a positive & learning atmosphere wherever coaches, players, and oldsters want a family?
  4. And to hitch a club that needs all coaches, managers, and volunteers to complete concussion coaching, pathology coaching, background checks, and abuse awareness coaching to produce the safest attainable atmosphere for your child?

If you affirm the four questions above, Scottish Soccer Academy is the right place to see your child’s dreams for a successful soccer player through football development come true.

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